Taipei: Day 2 WuFenPu, Taipei 101, Luxy

Day 2 is a less hectic day because we are going LUXY to party!!! In order to conserve enough energy for the night, we only visited 五分埔 WuFenPu and Taipei 101. Initially we wanted to start our day at Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe, but when we called to make reservation on the day before, their staffs told us that they were already FULLY BOOKED until 10 July 2013 because they were under renovation. By the way, here is a lil lesson I learnt in this trip – Always make reservation if you plan to go to any famous/well-known cafes or restaurants, eg. Dazzling, Paul, Hello Kitty Cafe, etc… especially on weekends.

So here we go… our first stop : 五分埔 WuFenPu, an apparel wholesales market. They sell all kinds of clothes… Clothes for males & females, adults & kids… and even for pets.

Directions: Alight at 后山埤 houshanpi station> Take exit 4 > turn right after you came out of the exit then turn right again (you should see 隆美窗帘 Design Curtain or LG ) > walk straight all the way for probably about 10min along 永吉路 yongji road (you will pass by 胡须张卤肉饭. It’s worth trying!) > You know you have reached when you see these:
Taipei: WuFenPu


We reached there at around 11:30am but the most of shops were still not open. According to Soapy, she said that the shops usually open at around 12 plus. True enough, by 1pm, most of the shops were already opened. Unlike Bangkok, it’s quite difficult to bargain in Taiwan. (Well, maybe I wasn’t skillful enough). Their price range can range from NT100 to NT2000, depending on its quality and all.

Taipei: WuFenPuTaipei: WuFenPu

Taipei: WuFenPu- Drink stall

Before we start to shop, all of us bought a cup of beverage each to prevent ourselves from dehydrating when we shop, because the weather was crazily warm 😦

Taipei: Taipei 101- Us

Taipei: WuFenPu

Taipei: WuFenPu

Above are all the photos that we took in Wufenpu, because all of us went crazy and started our shopping spree! Oh ya, we found an accessory shop near a temple which sells really nice accessories at very reasonable price. We bought a few pieces of chunky necklaces at NT100 or NT150 each and a straw hat (the one you see in some of the photos below) for NT150 (SGD6).

After some intensive shopping session, our stomachs started to growl. So we decided to get ourselves some goodies before we head off to Taipei 101.

Taipei: WuFenPu- Oyster Mee SuaTaipei: WuFenPu- Fried Quail Eggs Taipei: WuFenPu- Fried Quail Eggs

This fried quail egg is a must try! They are sooooo yummy, though they are just quail eggs.

Nest stop: Taipei 101

Directions: Alight at 市政府 Taipei Cityhall Station > Take Exit 2, then turn right > Take right again before the junction and walk straight > when you see 新光三越 Shinkong Mitsukoshi A4 on your left and Eslite on your right, turn right then cross the road and walk straight. You should see Taipei 101 by then


you can walk to 新光三越 Shinkong Mitsukoshi A11, go up to second floor which will link you to Vie Show Cinema, this walkway can lead you to Taipei 101 as well.

As mentioned above, you should always make reservation before going to any well-known cafes/ restaurants. This is because initially we wanted to chill at Dazzling Cafe before going over to Taipei 101 to watch the sunset. But it was fully booked and we have to wait until 7:30pm before we can get a table. In the end, we decided to go over to Taipei 101 straight. We took the second route, the walkway that link 新光三越 Shinkong Mitsukoshi to VieShow to Taipei 101.

Taipei 101 Observatory
Ticket: NT500 per pax (adult)
Purchase ticket at level 5
TAKE NOTE: As stated on its website, no slippers are allowed (but some of us wore slippers that day XD )

Taipei: Taipei 101Taipei: Taipei 101- Award

Taipei: Taipei 101- City view

Taipei: Taipei 101

Taipei: Taipei 101- Sop

Taipei: Taipei 101- Rooftop

Taipei: Taipei 101- writing post card

There is a gift shop sells postcards for you to buy home to keep or send out right away. Just tell the cashier where you wish to send your postcard(s) to and they will sell you the stamp(s) accordingly.

Taipei: Taipei 101- Mail boxTaipei: Taipei 101- Mailing out

Taipei: Taipei 101- Postcard

This is our post card! We received 6 days after mailing it!

Taipei: Taipei 101- Night view

Taipei: Taipei 101- Hello Kitty Pineapple Tarts

To all Hello Kitty fans, this is something that you may not wanna miss – Hello Kitty Pineapple Tarts! They are available at the souvenirs shop near the exit of the Observatory. They also sells other traditional Taiwanese pastries and local products. I am never a fan of pineapple tarts, especially the Taiwanese ones, so i got Kenny to try one and tell me if they were good :X He told me that the Hello Kitty pineapple tarts taste very normal, so … you should know what to expect la. XD Well, it’s never easy to have the best of both worlds.

As for our dinner, we decided to eat Din Tai Fung since it is from Taiwan! After waiting for… 45min, i think, we finally got ourselves a table. Below are some food that we ordered:

Taipei: DTFTaipei: DTF- Prawn Fried Rice

Right: Fried rice with prawn

Taipei: DTF- Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Taipei: DTF- Pork Chop Noodle

Pork chop ramen

Taipei: DTF- Beef Noodle

Beef ramen

Actually we ordered the regular stuffs, those that we always order when we were back in Singapore, so that we could compare and see if there is any differences. Honestly, I cant tell if there is any differences at all. hehe

On our way back to hotel to change, we passed by 新光三越 Shinkong Mitsukoshi again. But it was very different as compared to day time. By evening, you would see street performers performing, some were singing while some do acrobatic stunts. You would also see many vendors selling all kinds of product…

Taipei: Shinkong Mitsukoshi- Balloon sculpting vendor

Balloon sculpting stall

Taipei: Shinkong Mitsukoshi- 吹糖

吹糖, in direct translation is “Blowing Candy”. It was my first time coming across it too. When you google “chinese blowing sugar technique”, you will see more amazing end-products. Click here to see the search result.

Taipei: Shinkong Mitsukoshi- 吹糖Taipei: Shinkong Mitsukoshi- Balloon vendor

Last stop of the day, Luxy!

Directions: Alight at 忠孝敦华 Zhongxiao Dunhua Station > Take Exit 2
Opening hours: 9:00pm to 4:30am
Entrance fees: NT 350 – 800; or min NT1000 spending per pax for reservation

We took cab there instead because we were only ready at 12 midnight. The cab fare was only about NT150 (SGD6). How I wish Singapore’s cab fare can be this cheap…. As for the entrance fee, we paid NT 700 each (Saturday night) for 2 drink coupons. I think you can exchange a bottle of beer/ a cup of house pour with one coupon. I’m not sure about that because I wasn’t the one exchanging them. Hehe. Oh, Kenny bought a flaming lambogini (without flame -.-) for NT 500 (SGD 23) which was pretty much the same as those in Singapore.

Taipei: Luxy

This is the extremely cool lift lobby. We loved it soooo much that we ended up camwhoring here, instead of clubbing inside -.-

Taipei: Luxy

That’s how the interior of Luxy looks. Sorry for the bad quality… obviously the photographer, not me, was feeling tipsy when she took this picture. Hahahaha XD

Anyway, my impression of Luxy was a place with many pretty Taiwanese girls, including the topless ones. Oops. Hehe. It wasn’t as fun as how people described it to me. Probably because we are not “clubbers”. :X In my opinion, it’s just like Zouk and Butter Factory. The only difference I noticed is that the DJ there (sort of) interact directly with the crowd unlike those in Zouk/Butter Factory.

Alright, let me end this post with some of our camwhore photos. Hehe! Good night!

Taipei: Luxy- ktoh & sherTaipei: Luxy- kt & me

Taipei: Luxy- sissy & meTaipei: Luxy- Soapy

Taipei: Luxy- the girls

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4 thoughts on “Taipei: Day 2 WuFenPu, Taipei 101, Luxy

  1. Ni hao!

    I enjoyed reading your blog and your photos were awesome. I just wanted to ask about postcards on Taipei 101. Are they selling it inside (or the giftshoppe you have posted located inside the building of Taipei101)? I also wanted to have the exact postcard you got, or are there many of them to choose? Also, I was confused because you said you received your postcard 6 days after mailing it? So you had sent it to yourself? Or sending it back home and you received it already in there.

    I was planning to send a postcard to a friend via airmail. So can I send it directly from the shoppe right away, right? Thanks! I just wanted to confirm things up! Good day!

    • Hi Ian,

      The gift shop that I got my postcard from is at Level 89 of Taipei 101 where the indoor observatory is. I remember there were quite a few for design that you can choose from. The mailbox is located at the same level. There is a counter table near the mailbox where you can write your postcards and stick the stamps. As for my postcards, my sister and I decided to mail one of it home for fun so that we could keep it as a memento. It took about 6 days to reach Singapore from Taipei.

      Have an enjoyable trip!

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